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December 5, 2007


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hey hey!

so looks like a person could make a decent amount of money if they manage to get a design printed at threadless (
however, i've never been the greatest at coming up with charming clever t-shirt designs of the like seen on this site...

if anyone has any ideas, and wants to share them with me with the possibility of me drawing them and possibly submitting them and possibly helping me get some much needed money, i'd love to hear them!
and help would be greatly appreciated!


1. CoffeeAddict-02 -- halfway
2. questions -- waiting for final details
OPEN! info here ---…

:iconteamcl-17: <---- comic!
:iconthe-character-engine: <------------PROJECT!!!!!!!

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misosoupaddict Dec 10, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
I'm short on ideas, but i think a design that covers most of the shirt would be more of a win. ^^
Paint splatters are awesome because there's less fear of stainage ("That's not a stain, it's part of the design!")
theumbrella Dec 11, 2007  Student General Artist
heheheheh so true, anything splattered is quite awesome...i'll start working on them next week, i still have a bunch of stuff to finish up first...
misosoupaddict Dec 12, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
lol have fun!
tintoraneko Dec 7, 2007  Professional General Artist
I agree that a lot of your artwork already makes great work for a t-shirt. I'd love to see the Swallows made for a t-shirt design. That'd be really neat~
Any of your artwork would be great. :]

You should just submit what you can, and see where it gets you.
marissamcpeak Dec 6, 2007  Student Photographer
awesome! i agree you should submit 'apple fish bowl' or something like your paint splatters or even red balloons! Maybe you should include something with music with a lot of color and some black and white! ok now i am just babbling :blush:
i love threadless! one idea i had was one, but i can't put it down on paper yet...
most of your designs would be perfect for t-shirts!

especially 'swallows' or the 'apple fishbowl' one. or a stiltwalker on the side of a shirt... :heart:
radioblur Dec 6, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
haha! I totally told her to do a shirt with the stiltwalker reaching for a star, and a guy with balloons grabbing it as he floats above the stiltwalker exclaiming "science!"

This of course was preluded by the thought of a shirt with the stiltwalker on the side <33333333
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