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Submitted on
June 13, 2007


hey hey,

i really need to update...stupid diplomas and ending school forever and such taking up all my time...and it doesn't help that i'm stupid enough to not have done anything for art for term 4...eheh...
i'm never getting to art school...(jk)...

anyways, half of this journal is to give some awesome props to :iconradioblur: who needs money! (and it's probably my fault in part...stupid long distance phone call fees being so monstrous...) so go commission him! because he's so skilled! and look at that awesome art that is so amazingly underpriced, you obviously just can't resist it! (better day i'll manage to convince him that it's actually is worth so much more...)
totally worth it too...he pwned the commission of my pirate


other than that...
got $3000 scholarship for my art (YES!), and the clockpeople are in an art festival for the rest of the summer, as much as i'll miss it...district art show failed so hard, as no one from my school got anything more than selections for this festival, but so it goes...

don't know quite how i'm going to end up dealing with school being over for forever...hopefully artwalk prep will keep me busy enough that i won't miss it too horribly...
i mean...i'll probably never play the trumpet again, since i can't afford my sad...and i'm gonna miss my photo teacher and my english teacher so much...and english class...
*sigh* i'll just go reread catcher...maybe it'll make things better...

(on the other hand, i get to finally get rid of certain friends who i no longer consider very cool people anymore...which is an ultimate bonus!)

anyways, i'll stop rambling, as i still have SO much to do...
some new art on friday most likely, since i have to actually get stuff done to hand in...


1. Cruzle -- done!
2. Efeu -- beginning
3. CheleKat -- pending
still open for more! info here --->…

:iconteamcl-17: <---- comic!
  • Mood: Screwed
  • Listening to: billy liar - the decemberists
  • Reading: catcher in the rye - j d salinger
  • Drinking: green tea
radioblur Jun 13, 2007  Professional Digital Artist

and congrats on the scholarship. you've earned it!!! <33333

We need to make a new icon for teamcl-17 baaaad. XD
theumbrella Jun 13, 2007  Student General Artist
no problem, you deserve it ever so much! all i can hope is that it gets you some attention...

and yes we do...though it's better than nothing right now...
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