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Submitted on
April 12, 2007


kurt vonnegut died today, of head injuries from falling (of all things),  and i can't deal with it...just so so sad, honestly...
seriously, so so sad...

if you haven't read slaughterhouse-five, go read it now...and give it at least a good day or two to sink in to realize just how amazing it is and just how brilliant that man is...was...
fuck, today was lame...

so it goes...


p.s. commissions are back online, since art makes me feel better and i don't want to put them off anymore, even though i still have a ton of art to do...and my art teacher's an idiot...

but that's for another is for vonnegut...
  • Mood: Miserable
  • Listening to: neutral milk hotel
  • Reading: cat's cradle - kurt vonnegut
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zeratul547 Apr 15, 2007  Student Writer
Actually, I wasn't a huge fan of Slaughterhouse, but some of his other work was amazing.
I know, we talked about him in our english class that day. A sad day.
Trast Apr 14, 2007  Student General Artist
Kurt Vonnegut. All the amazing people are dying. Rosa Parks, Steve Irwin, James Brown, and now Kurt Vonnegut? The world is sucking. I really liked him and his books, I only have one: Welcome to the Monkey House. Such a good book. I think it's time more amazing people come along so that we are not alone with mediocre writing. I want to do something for him, he was an amazing writer, he's probably up in Heaven writing a story with God. Cuz KV deserves it.
I know, it's so tragic! Vonnegut was an amazing writer.... His contributions to the world of lit will be missed and forever remembered. I think I'll go read one of his books when I get home...
My favorite writer...
theumbrella Apr 12, 2007  Student General Artist
one of mine too, so much so...when i found out i ws just so sad...and shaking...

and no one else got it...

but me and my friend, who introduced me to his works, went out for bubble tea to try and feel better...still don't know how well it worked...
I saw him on a talk show awhile back, a year I think. Around when his newest book came out.
It was almost painful to watch, able to see his age so clearly. But damn, he was still so witty and funny as Hell.
I was actually going to write him not too long ago, and I kept putting it off anf putting it off.
Now, it's too late.
It's really unfortunate, and I feel where you're coming from.
I feel like I need to do some sort of tribute...
theumbrella Apr 12, 2007  Student General Artist
yeah and he was always so afraid of getting old and dying...

i get what you're saying...

i'm making a box art piece, which will probably end up being in tribute to him...
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