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Submitted on
January 13, 2009


Well, it's really been too long...

I do have some real stuff in the works, really, it's finally happening again...just hope I can get everything done before break is over...I'm doing my best to get the majority of commissions out of the way as well, as it's taking far too long and I'm so sorry...and the money is always needed...

and speaking of money...

Since I'm in a continual quest for more money to get me to san francisco so I can really attend art school, I started to enter some contests for money...and since I've never really had time to make a full t-shirt design for, I decided to give the slogan contest a shot instead, and my friend was wonderful enough to suggest this one for me...…

So if you could take a few seconds and vote for it, if you like it at all, I'd really really appreciate it! And why not throw together a few of your own while you're at it? Never hurts to try...


commission details
COMMISSIONS SO FAR!! (not necessarily in order)
-no more than 9 slots at a time- for Astro-Monkey - painting for Egadaba - sketching for maccarta for Todoka for lost-my-sanity
6.designs for ultra-seven for Vergil-is-eternity - pencilling
8. shoes for Coyoted
9. art for orange-head
(updated 27/01/09)


  • Mood: Zest
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...Which one is yours?
theumbrella Jan 27, 2009  Student General Artist
the one that appears right at the very top above all the others...
Hi~ <3

I voted... I think.
kuru731 Jan 13, 2009  Student Digital Artist
ah i love threadless!
let us know if you submit any designs. i liked your chameleon one.
i saw your too. i'm kuru731 on there. we have kinda similar tastes haha

you're one of my favorite on DA. keep up the great work.
and i know how you're feeling about the money and art school thing. i really want to go to Rhode Island School of Design. sooo expensive @________@
theumbrella Jan 13, 2009  Student General Artist
yeah, RISD is so expensive, but awesome at the same time...all the good things are expensive it seems...

one day i'll probably throw together a real design for threadless, that chameleon is years old...and if that ever happens i'll surely be begging around here for votes again...
and good to hear there are some other people who have heard of my music! it's seems to be more and more scarce these days...
kuru731 Jan 14, 2009  Student Digital Artist
where are you thinking about going in california?
i was going to apply to the Acedemy of Art but its a little too far from home for me.
i'm going to take a guess and say you're going for illustration. that's what i want to go for.
i really like your style. it's very precise but not too busy or harsh.

ugh. money is a very dirty thing. a very neccesary, disgusting thing.

haha it's a shame people don't listen to more smaller artists
theumbrella Jan 14, 2009  Student General Artist
right now i'm taking online courses from the Academy, and though they're good, I have a few issues with the school...but for now my aim is still set towards San Francisco, and then maybe I'll see if I can manage to transfer somewhere else...the Art Centre College of Design in Pasadena has a phenomenal illustration program though, and the School Of Visual Arts in New York has become something of a dream of mine, if I could ever make many of today's top illustrators have come from there...maybe one day...
I've also been hearing good things about the illustration program at Ringling College in Florida, they got a ton of wins in the Society of Illustrators student scholarship competition...
damn I ramble...there's tons of good art schools around New York, and the East Coast in general, so if you don't want to cross the country there's lots of options...I'm travelling terrifically far either way...

and i agree wholeheartedly with you on money and small indie bands...
kuru731 Jan 16, 2009  Student Digital Artist
online courses? how do those work? haha i'd never imagine online courses for art schools. unless they were for art history or something.

i'm actually applying to SVA! they have an amazing illustration program but i've heard it's not that difficult to get in. who knows though, right? my friend's brother went there for animation.
i've never heard of Ringling but the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia is pretty prestigious too.
hmm, i've never heard of the Society of Illustrators student scholarship competition. i'm gonna go check it out.

btw, how are you parents on the idea?
my mom is a little iffy about it but my dad is pretty supportive, but only because his entire side of the family are art-type people. like, writers and musicians and photographers.
my brother goes to community college, i'm not sure if they have those up where you are but it's basically the cheapest place you can go for an associate degree, so i don't think my dad is fully aware of how much an art school is going to cost. X___X
theumbrella Jan 16, 2009  Student General Artist
they basically work like a huge forum, and there's video demos and stuff and i have to photograph/scan my homework and submit it, and there's quizzes and does the job, but it's not the same...

and considering the academy has no portfolio requirements or anything to get in (all you need is money, they honestly take anyone) I still consider SVA to be brilliant...and probably better if it's a bit easier to get into, because that school makes awesome artists...
and ringling also has a terribly impressive body of student work, i looked through the online gallery and couldn't believe i hadn't heard of it before...
and as for the society of illustrators student scholarship competition, only teachers can submit their students work, not the students themselves...but the work is fantastic, if you can find last years winners check them out because they're amazing...

and my parents are coping with the idea well, my dad has always been very insistent on getting me to the best places, and the best art schools for illustration seem to be in the states...the money situation is just a bit harder to deal with, since we've never done to well with that in the first place...and our colleges are usually the same price, or close, to our universities, so your community colleges are definitely much cheaper, and very useful for getting those annoying liberal arts credits out of the way...
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