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Submitted on
July 19, 2007


hey people!

I need your opinions and even if at all possible your help with a certain idea I've been wrestling with...

I've always had an excessive fascination with myths, fables and tales of the montrous sort...don't really know why, but it's just altogether too interesting for recent discovery of the huge list of legendary creatures on wikipedia was in the manner of some sort of godsend, but only pulls through to a certain extent...

so, lately I've been pining for drawing in general, but in especially I've been feeling like drawings creatures monsters and general enitities outside of the norm...

so my first question is this:

if I were to put these into some sort of project, would you hold interest in it?

and my second question:

could you possibly help me in finding accounts/stories/descriptions of these creatures? if you know of any monstrous folktales, myths or things of that sort involving monsters, or just generally know of something or anything not even in the ordinary, let me know! it would only help in furthering this project to greater extents (and i mean, you'd get to see me illustrate the creature...which could either be really cool or just something never meant to be seen by human eyes...)

any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


1. Efeu -- awaiting payment
2. CheleKat -- beginning
3. CoffeeAddict-02 -- pending
still open for more! info here --->…

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ShadowFirelaw Jul 23, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I love monsters, and I love your work. So to mix the two together wuld be compleatly amazing... It'd be interesting to see your take on the titans, not nessisarly monsters but still.
If you're looking for some great myths, fables, etc, just look into japanese folklore... that stuff is really quite chalked full of great things, demons, ogres, etc... the demons can be as normal as a ghost, or as outlandish as a centipede or something... I think this would be a really great project fr you!
Trast Jul 20, 2007  Student General Artist
I know a big website about gods and that sort. Also there's this huge encyclopedia that I got for twenty bucks at borders. I'm sure you can find it. Just pm and I'll can give you more!
I'm interested in everything you draw i love it all and if your looking for stories go to:


and check out the stories people have put on there and other things about creatures ...i always love to read them
yes definitely; I'll keep an eye out for you.
catandtadpole Jul 20, 2007
Of course I can help! I'm very familiar with many myths, so I know a lot about legendary creatures. If you ever need any help, with anything, just drop by my page! I'm happy to be of assistance!
Well thats something I'd really love to see. A few of the tales told in my family were of el chupacabra: [link]
and el cuco, which is sort of the equivalent to the bogeyman, and la Llorona: [link] C:
Can't wait to see what you come up with.
your style would almost ensure that whatever came out of your head would be an original take on the beasties.
And if you're looking for myths etc I would recommend
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