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Submitted on
April 13, 2008



further attempts...

Sun Apr 13, 2008, 9:48 PM
at not failing?

who knows...

anyhow, i'm going to start trying a few different approaches to my apparent artistic stagnation through the next couple of weeks, since i would like to start working towards something again, not just drawing out the same old style and lines as i always do...

firstly, drawing a day...actually, after looking around at some of the intense sketchbooks on and a whole bunch of artists' blogs that i've been following lately, i've realized i really need to sketch more, since i never sketch, since i rarely have time to just fool around and for me sketching is the equivalent of fooling, but i love fooling and experimenting and just seeing what happens...even if alot of it fails some of the most wonderful things can come out of that (perhaps even some more drawing speed, of which i'm in dire need...)

secondly, digital drawing/experiment, one a day...even if it's just oekaki or something, it's time to figure out this whole digital realm, and colour as well, and the only way to do that is with repetitive practice and may prove to be the continual enigma of my creative conception, but i'm hoping to get past that...
oh, and if anyone knows where to get some decent brush sets for Photoshop 7.0, i'd owe you forever...

third, artist bio a week...i have a huge backlog of artists i want to look into further and since i no longer have time to do the old artist bio spreads in my sketchbook like i did in school, i thought i'd just throw together some files of their info and stuff and save them for when i have time to put them into my sketchbook...who knows, could be useful for art school as well...
would anyone be interested in my posting snippets here? they'd generally be actual established artists/illustrators, but good ones at that...

other than that, hoping to pick up some comic work soon, try and develop my attempts with powdered graphite and even get back to painting and ink splatters a bit...i miss working on cardboard, as it's one of my favourite mediums, and just tearing things up with ink, and i want to start making some crows and things for the artwalk this summer, as it will probably be my last, so i'd like to go out with some amount of success, and be able to bring out a bunch of awesome new prints and even some more originals this year...
i don't really think anyone is interested in all this, but when i lay it all out like this it seems more...attainable i i just have to do it...

1. CoffeeAddict-02 -- halfway
2. questions -- roughing
OPEN! info here ---…

:iconteamcl-17: <---- comic!
:iconthe-character-engine: <------------PROJECT!!!!!!!

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sounds like you're getting back on track then....good luck with the tedious art world
pyromanaic Apr 21, 2008
I really think that you should try posting so little things on artists, it would be interesting, and open up some people's range of vision....
Trast Apr 14, 2008  Student General Artist
Go! I believe in you and I hope the best! Yeah, I need to get off my butt and do more stuff as well. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!
riniwuzhere Apr 13, 2008  Student General Artist
you have to buy to get the full brushes, but the samples that they give you are just as awesome. ^^
sashas Apr 4, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Mm, I think I'll join you in this venture; you've just listed all of the things which I should be doing.
theumbrella Apr 4, 2008  Student General Artist
heheheh it seems like a pretty good plan for any artist, though it's alot easier to write it down than to actually follow through...though i am trying...
i wish you luck!
For Photoshop brushes, try here: [link]
misosoupaddict Apr 1, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Woo, drawing a day! I'm doing that too, though i've had problems with schooling getting in the way... D:
ash-night-k Mar 30, 2008  Student General Artist
Out of curiosity, what website were you referring to with all the sketchbooks? because when I entered, I got a self help community for cocaine addiction. O.o
misosoupaddict Apr 1, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Art, cocaine... equally addicting. :lmao:
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