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November 17, 2007



montreal was sweet, what a beautiful city...i miss cities...time to get out...
anyways, heading down to california in a couple of days, to visit mitch and check out the art academy in san francisco...

in accordance with such school plans, i have a small rant...

whose idea was it to make it impossible for international students to attain scholarships or financial aid in the states?! what's more, the tuition is often HIGHER for international students!!!!! you'd think it would be the international kids have a harder time, having to deal with a new country and a new currency and all, and what's more it's not like we're just copping out for some small time city college in our area, but going (or at least trying to) all the way to a hardcore school where a degree actually matters!! hopefully you get what you pay for...

*sigh* oh good education, how will i ever afford you?

one other thing that's been bugging me...
understandably, me and my friend were unable to go to new york due to being underage...i can accept it, it seems like a reasonable rule...i can deal with an inability to go to certain concerts due to being a minor, and alcohol doesn't really appeal to me, so that's not even an issue...
but i HATE the mature content filter on DA...with a definitive passion...
i mean, what the hell? i'll be 18 in two more months, and what 17 year old couldn't handle the nude figure or half the other stuff that's now been made impossible to view...what happened to that lovely old system where you could choose whether or not you could go past the filter? now some killer artist will put up their figure drawings of some sort and there's no way i'll be able to look at them...figure drawing has been the essential core of the art since FOREVER and so essential to learning the definitions of the human form...suddenly i'm apparently not old enough to deal with such things...couldn't we label this as an inhibition of learning? thanks alot DA...

ah well...wait it out...two more months...
i need to get more intense on the drawings so i can have some hope of getting some funding up here...perhaps perhaps perhaps...
time to find a way out...


long entry, i know, but i feel like i should lay out what i'm doing, if only to get a better sense of it all myself...

i've started working on the shy boy comic, and will be continuing working on the plague doctor as well, both with kviii...

i've also been considering working with the 100 project again, but more with single-frame images that would still progress sequentially, but with single frames...still always get stuck on love though, so if anyone has any suggestions as to an image or concept for LOVE, i'm open for suggestions...

i've also been itching to draw the saddest violinist, so something with him will be coming up soon...
other than that, just small things...sketchbook development and the like since i haven't had much time to tackle large scale paintings and the like...but it should be good either way...



1. CoffeeAddict-02 -- halfway
2. shadow-pippin -- DONE (waiting for a mailing address...) least until i return with my crippled bank account, begging for more...

:iconteamcl-17: <---- comic! (hiatus)
:iconthe-character-engine: <------------PROJECT!!!!!!!

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CLJano Nov 18, 2007  Student General Artist
the whole nudity thing it kinda funny to me because I'll be 18 in about 4 months, and at my high school, we actually have a nudity letter that our parent has to sign for our art class

the class itself is a mix of 9-12 graders and everybody with the letter turned in (which is everyone this year at least) views nudity when we get into art history

the only time our teacher blocks it out (like when we watch videos about artists) is when its a bit too suggestive (I assume, since we're not allowed to see it)
The problem is that not all of the nudes on dA are truly artistic.

The people who are posting, well, porn basically, are ruining it for you, so thank them.

I doubt dA has the staff to keep all the porn out every moment, so this is probably their way of keeping themselves out of trouble with parents.
theumbrella Nov 18, 2007  Student General Artist
yes this is a true fact, but such debasement of the artistic community still doesn't seem quite least they should leave you with the choice, or a parental consent thing even, to go to extremes...
*sigh* so lame...
I hate the mature content filter blaggh!!! I don't see what the big deal is either!! I had a deviation favourited that had "mature content" apparently because now I can't see it.

good luck with your new shy boy project, looking forward to it. and good luck with the whole college deal.
theumbrella Nov 18, 2007  Student General Artist
augh, that SUCKS! i always wondered whether it would apply to underage artists' own work...terrible...
thanks! hopefully it'll all work out...
oh no, I worded that incorrectly, I was just referring to work in one's own favourites section. the point of favouriting something is because you like that person's work! and it just becomes a shame when you can't see the work you favourited anymore, or can't see the work you could be favouriting.
I'm not sure about underaged artists' own work in regards to the filter, it's a good question.
theumbrella Nov 18, 2007  Student General Artist
ah i see...
well i have heard rumours that it becomes impossible, but who really knows...
I actually heard that too and I think you can't see your own deviations that have mature content filters on them
shadow-paladin Nov 18, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
The tuition thing is usually true for international students in any country other than their own. What technically happens is that the national (or provincial/state/etc) government of country X subsidizes a significant portion of tuition for its own citizens (the kids from country X). And people from other countries, not being under the care of country X, would basically have to pay full price.
You're right about the lack of international scholarships though. Usually, in the case of Canada-to-USA, scholarships are school-specific. :S
theumbrella Nov 18, 2007  Student General Artist
mmm, good clarification, and honestly in all truth it does make difficult...
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