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Submitted on
November 27, 2007


hey hey,

back from all of my travelling about for the meantime...miss california like nobody's business...hanging out with mitch (radioblur) killed and the lack of extreme cold and blizzards to which i have returned just makes me all that more bitter about leaving...
time to get out...
hopefully i'll be able to pull together enough money to get out...and perhaps go to AAU...since it looks beautiful and all i really want to do is make art in a wonderful place...

so in the ways of money, i'm going to try to work harder on commissions again, and with christmas coming up, what better to do than to commission something from an artist! i mean, that does not necessarily commission from me, but y' might work out nicely...i'll be less broke and someone will get a marvelous piece of artwork, which i have found to be much more effective than the all purpose christmas gift of socks...

also, even better, instead of commissioning me you could perhaps go commission all of us over at :iconthe-character-engine: and thus get an even more spectacular piece of art for the same or possibly even cheaper price, and you get for spectacular artists working on the picture instead of just one!

alright, all that propaganda aside...i know i had something else to write about but seem to have forgotten about it...ah well, next time...


1. CoffeeAddict-02 -- halfway
2. shadow-pippin -- DONE (waiting for a mailing address...)
OPEN! info here ---…

:iconteamcl-17: <---- comic!
:iconthe-character-engine: <------------PROJECT!!!!!!!

  • Mood: Homesick
  • Listening to: the polyphonic spree
  • Reading: the watchmen
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