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Submitted on
July 22, 2007


hey guys!

thanks so much for all the advice on the last journal! it's greatly appreciated...
so now i am embarking on a huge quest into the realm of all these tales (me and :devradioblur might even do something..who knows)...however, first comes the research and there are just so many to look at, and i'm only one person...

so if you have any accounts of creatures, monsters or general beings that aren't at all ordinary that you think would be cool to have in the project or would just like to help me out with, please put the description/link as a comment or note me! even small folktales would be awesome!there's just so much to go through and it would help make things alot easier!

I'll be keeping a pretty up to date list of the things i have looked at here, and perhaps a list of things i still need to look at as well, so you can see where it's going!

thanks so much once again! you're all awesome!

An Excursion of a Monstrous Sort...
so far...
- Hitotsume-kozo "one-eyed boy"
- Futakuchi-onna "two-mouth woman"
- Jinmenju/Ninmenju "human face tree (?)"
- Kuchisake-onna
- Nukekubi
- Rokurokubi
- Banshee
- Shadows
- Baihu
- Wendigo
- Kokopelli
- Yatagarasu
- Tengu
- Toyol
- Garm
- Tarasque
- Yurlungur
- Taniwha
- Sasabonsam
- Sciapod
- Ahuizotl
- Kelpie
- Amphisbaena
- Yara-ma-yha-who
- Bolla
- Cherufe
- Cusith
- Each Uisge
- Feng-huang
- Hydra
- Kludde
- Davy Jones
- Ouzelum/oozlum Bird
- Safat
- Unwaba
- Vegetable Lamb

still to look into (more specifically, there's tons i need to look in to...)
- Abiku (is it an actual legend or no?)
- Masau'u/Maasaw/Masauwu/Masau (SO hard to find stuff on this...)


1. Efeu -- awaiting payment
2. CheleKat -- beginning
3. CoffeeAddict-02 -- pending
4. shadow-pippin -- pending
still open for more! info here --->…

:iconteamcl-17: <---- comic!
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you should definetly check [link]

somehow my last comment didn't come trough
Here's another good link for that: [link]
Don't think I see it up there, but the Kelpie is definately an interesting creature: [link]
scaredylion Jul 22, 2007  Professional General Artist
Don't know if you are including classics on your list or not... But I have a decent size list of those type of things... The phoenix, centaurs, the minotaur, The Midgard serpent cockatrices, etc. let me know if these more classic ones are things you are looking into doing your own interpretation of as well.
theumbrella Jul 22, 2007  Student General Artist
the obscure ones definitely interest me more...but thanks anyways!
try the taniwha, a less loved dragon from down in new zealand. a river spirit.
Suguro Jul 21, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aw I love Baihu~

The Megami Tensei videogame series is infamous for having hundreds of obscure legendary creatures. Here's a huge list of them: [link]=Demonic_Compendium

Some of my personal favorites are Shisa, Garm, Manticore, Tarasque, and Yurlungur.
theumbrella Jul 21, 2007  Student General Artist
wicked link, thanks so much!
Suguro Jul 21, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no problem! n__n
九尾灵狐 - (china) (jiu wei ling hu) nine tailed spirit fox. its blood can cure any sort of internal injury when drunk for a few days (no need to kill the fox) but its veeery rare & hard to catch

麒麟 - (china) (qi lin) aka. kirin - dragon headed, deer-bodied sacred animal with horses' hooves, bull tail & fish scale skin. apparently he's king of the 4 sacred animals :D including dragon & pheonix

白虎 - (baihu) white tiger. u've already listed it!

toyol - (malaysia) child demon fed on blood (esp. menstrual) which can then be commanded to haunt or jinx or attack the owners' enemies. shrivelled, dark, and sometimes with old mens' faces

oni - japanese monster. some have insatiable urge for dumplings and will do anything possible to get some, but of course there are nastier ones who like human meat

okay there's my inputs! i like our asian folklore. as always, my versions may differ slightly from others'
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