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May 20, 2011


So I guess that last time I updated this journal was the New Year, but it's really been that busy. Thankfully the semester is all over and I'm getting back into the habit of constantly sketching and working on things (it's strange how school can make you forget how important that is).

I've started a Tumblr account, where I will be regularly posting sketches that I probably won't be posting here or on my blog, so follow me if you're at all interested! It's HERE.

I also put together a portfolio website HERE. I've been carefully choosing the images and reorganizing everything over and over to try and get the pieces into a relatively decent order, so I'd love to hear some opinions or feedback on the categories or choice of work or descriptions, any problems you think might arise. I am hoping to eventually have it ready to send off to a few art directors and see if there's any interest, so any help is appreciated!

And thanks to my commissioners for being so incredibly patient and understanding through all the delays, I'm spending most of my time working on them and I'm excited about where they're going. There has been more than a few times when the money from these commissions have kept me from starving near the end of the month, so I'm very grateful for all you wonderful folk who think well enough of my work to pay me to make some for them.

And thanks to everyone else who has commented and favourited my work lately, you're all fantastic!

COMMISSIONS!!! 10 slots at a time for drag-queen-of-hearts (paid)- colouring for SolusUmbra (paid) - sketching for StarEclypse (paid) - pencilling for dunemosse (paid) - sketching for Emerald-Magpie (paid) - pencilling for Disell (paid) -sketching for o--o--o - awaiting payment for ellechar - awaiting payment
9. -OPEN-
10. -OPEN-
(updated 21/05/2011)

TREE.IN.A.BOX -- a blog
CITY.RAIN -- a tumblr sketchbook
WEBSITE -- a portfolio
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