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Submitted on
October 2, 2007


-------------------------------> :iconthe-character-engine: <------------------------------------------

(hmmm...that definitely needs a more flashy avatar before ANYONE would even want to click on it...)

but anyways, the idea is underway! a test run if you will, to see if we can manage to provoke any sort of interest in it...
if this thing progresses we can add more artists, more possibilities and make it all the more awesome!
i know mighterbump had an excellent idea regarding a webcomic where writers would bid to have their stories comicked, and should we manage to get this thing really up and running with an efficient team of artists it would be altogether too possible!

so PLEASE! it would be awesome if you could plug this thing in your journal, as the more publicity the more hopes there are of this thing not being a complete failure and you'd be helping the artists be a little less starving! so spread the word!

perhaps we could even surpass all those meme things going down on DA lately...

and of course, your ideas as to additions or improvements are welcome!

and thanks to everyone who responded on the last journal, it was a big help!
thanks so much

:iconteamcl-17: <---- comic!

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CheleKat Oct 3, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
ooo, how unfortunate i just barely logged on from a prolonged absence so i may seem a tad bit behind. ^^

anyway, awesome idea, i really hope it works out for you. :D
It's true she does.

so exciting!
I think it would be fun to participate, I help refine other people's stories/characters a lot : D
Serving Oct 3, 2007
how exciting!
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