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October 15, 2011


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Slow updates since school's taking up all my time. Looks like a good year though, my head's in a much better place and I think I might just make a few worthwhile illustrations this year.

For anyone interesting, I'll be posting process-work on my sketch tumblr. It's all pretty rough but might be interesting to some people, and definitely helps motivate me to get more things done and even maybe sneak in a few sketches.

And speaking of schoolwork, there's also this poll I put up related to my next project, a book cover illustration. I already have a few ideas but I'm also curious to see what you guys think, so check it out if you have a moment.

Thanks as always for all the feedback and comments and favourites, you're all fantastic and I'm going to do my best to stay productive and make sure I'm not wasting your time!

Commissions for SolusUmbra (paid) - inking for dunemosse (paid) - sketching for o--o--o (paid) - colouring
(updated 14/09/2011)

Waiting list
1. tattoo for DexFox
2. tattoo for TheSquishy0ne (paid)
3. -OPEN-
4. -OPEN-
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  • Reading: The Hunger Games
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