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April 26, 2010


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Hello! So since you people were so awesome about giving me advice, I thought I'd let you know that I got into both Sheridan and OCAD, and have decided to attend OCAD since they let me into their second year program. Which is exciting!
However, with school now closer on the horizon along with moving to a whole new city and all that madness, I'm getting a little nervous about my financial state. School isn't cheap, living isn't cheap, and on top of that it's mandatory of 2nd year Illustration students at OCAD to purchase a Mac computer, which really really aren't cheap.
So I'm selling a whole bunch of my CDs for ridiculously cheap prices, if anyone's interested! They'll just go to some used CD store if no one wants them, but I thought I'd put them up here anyways. They're all in fantastic working condition, I just have way too many of them. Here's the list!

Buy 2, get 1 free!
(shipping is an additional $2)

-An Horse, Rearrange Beds
-Cake, Fashion Nugget
-Cake, Comfort Eagle
-SOLD-Coldplay, Parachutes
-SOLD-Coldplay, A Rush of Blood to the Head
-The Fiery Furnaces, Gallowsbird’s Bark
-Fight Club Original Motion Picture Score
-SOLD-The Flaming Lips, Transmissions From the Satellite Heart
-SOLD-Handsome Furs, Plague Park
-The Helio Sequence, Keep Your Eyes Ahead
-Meatdraw, Fin du Monophone
-My Chemical Romance, The Black Parade
-My Morning Jacket, Evil Urges
-SOLD-The New Pornographers, Mass Romantic
-SOLD-The New Pornographers, Electric Version
-SOLD-The New Pornographers, Twin Cinema
-No Age, Nouns
-SOLD-Of Montreal, The Gay Parade
-Paper Lions S/T
-Phantom Planet, Raise the Dead
-SOLD-Pixies, Surfer Rosa
-Raptors S/T
-Slim Twig, Derelict Dialect
-Slim Twig, Vernacular Violence
-Sondre Lerche, Two Way Monologue
-Streetlight Manifesto, Keasbey Nights
-Streetlight Manifesto, Everything Goes Numb
-SOLD-The Strokes, Room on Fire
-Time New Viking, Rip It Off
-SOLD-The Tragically Hip, In Between Evolution
-Tokyo Police Club, Elephant Shell 2-Disc Edition
-Violent Femmes, Add It Up (1981-1993)
-SOLD-War Child Presents Heroes – 16 songs from various artists
-SOLD-The White Stripes, Icky Thump
-SOLD-Wilco, A Ghost is Born

-Raptors EP
-Whee! It’s a Team Mint Sampler – 16 songs from various Mint Records artists
-SOLD-The Strokes, First Impressions of Earth (no CD booklet)
-SOLD-Franz Ferdinand, You Could Have It So Much Better (no CD booklet)

Also, if you have no interest in any of that, but still want to throw me a few dollars to help out, I'm shamefully taking Paypal donations. All donations $4 or more will get a little sketch on a 2.5"x3.5" card filled with the most gratitude. And the larger the donation the more work I will put into the card.

In the meantime I'm doing my best to plow through commissions and make some of my own art too, but time has been difficult to find and I'm slow enough as is. But art will soon be coming!
Thanks so much!

COMMISSIONS!!! 5 slots at a time for Astro-Monkey - painting for orange-head - sketching for cxwu for drag-queen-of-hearts - sketching for ellechar
(updated 31/05/10)

tattoo for Vergil-is-eternity

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lesleyburt Aug 24, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! I'm thinking about applying to OCAD too. :)
Can I buy these cd's?

-Handsome Furs, Plague Park
-The New Pornographers, Electric Version
-The New Pornographers, Twin Cinema
-War Child Presents Heroes – 16 songs from various artists
-Franz Ferdinand, You Could Have It So Much Better
and one more. whichever one you recommend
theumbrella May 28, 2010  Student General Artist
For sure! I'm not sure which other one I'd recommend. Maybe The Fiery Furnaces or My Morning Jacket, or even Phantom Planet, but it really depends on your taste. That would work out to $20, plus $10 for shipping that many (shipping costs have been more than I expected). My paypal is And thanks!
Ok, thanks. Not quite sure how paypal works but I assume I have to send an email witch I wil do this weekend. Is shipping the same regardless of location because I don't know how far you are from Vancouver.
theumbrella May 28, 2010  Student General Artist
You have to get a Paypal account, which is completely free, and you can then either use bank funds or a credit card to pay through your account. It's really useful, a lot faster, and a lot more safe than most other methods I know of. And I recently shipped a package about the same size as yours just within the city here, and it was over $10, so I'm just trying to cover my costs. I can always send back the difference if it costs less!
Also, which other CD do you choose?
Congrats on getting into ocad and sheridan !
I've been accepted to ocad and emily carr and I still can't decide which one I want to go to more :(
theumbrella May 8, 2010  Student General Artist
Which program did you apply for?
The fine arts programs at both, emily carr has a foundation year as opposed to the foundation semester at first year ocad.
Who sells Streetlight Manifesto CDs? I'm almost tempted to buy them and just make you keep them because everyone should have those albums. Just saying.
theumbrella May 6, 2010  Student General Artist
Sorry, I just never listen to them anymore, and feel the need to spread the wealth, I guess?
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