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Submitted on
August 5, 2008


EDIT:added new prints!! a larger size of the idea, and prints are finally available of the star-eating leviathan!!

with a title like that, how could you miss out on this?

so basically, I'm really in need of money, since I do not even somewhat have the means to get to school yet...and I really really really want to go, so if you could help out and purchase something I'd really really really appreciate it! And if you're as low on money as I am, but still want to help, some journal plugs wouldn't hurt! the more people who know the better, I need all the chances I can get...please?

so there's a few originals for sale, shoes, a whole ton of prints, and even some cd's if anyone wants them! (I was just going to take them to the used cd store anyways...)so look around! If there's any questions, leave a comment, and if there's any offers, note me!

-Four of Swords- $50
-Weathervane - $80
-Greed - $60
-Landon - $40
Each one is approximately 36 inches tall, and strung together to be completely foldable!
-Stiltwalker 1 - SOLD!
-Stiltwalker 2 - SOLD!
-Stiltwalker 3 - SOLD!

-Cloud Shoes, Size 8 - SOLD!
I'm also taking orders for more shoes, note me if anyone's interested!!

All prints are on good quality cardstock
SMALL, smaller than 8 ½ by 11 - $5-$10
-Cloaked Crown
-The Second Kirin
-Paint Splatters
-Out Of Reach
-The Boy With Wings For Arms
-Four of Swords

MEDIUM, 8 ½ by 11 or smaller - $12 (shipping - $3)
-Here We Shall Begin
-The Pirate In The Umbrella
-Fish Faucet
-Crown Of Magnificent Birds
-Time Passing By
-Red Balloons
-The Idea(w/o border)
-Dreams Of A King
-The Scarecrow King
-Mechanical Dragon
-Holland 1945

LARGE, 11 by 17 or smaller - $20 (shipping - $5)
-Bird Breath
-The Kite Dragon
-Holland 1945
-Crown Of Magnificent Birds
STILTWALKERS - $15 each or $30 for all three
*NEW* - The Idea on super super nice art paper - $30

approximately 8 by 36 inches, on nice heavyweight bond paper - $50 (shipping included in the price) quantity will vary depending on how many orders i have for them, so let me know if you're interested!!

CDS FOR SALE - $10 OR LESS (perfect condition unless otherwise noted)
-Streetlight Manifesto, Everything Goes Numb - $10
-Violent Femmes, Add It Up (1981-1993) - $10

For things that have shipping prices, if you buy more than one I will cover the shipping, and I'm covering shipping on all things that do not have shipping prices next to them...also, I accept cash, checks, money orders, or paypal, whichever is easiest for you...

Other than that, if you don't see anything quite like what you want, COMMISSIONS ARE FULLY OPEN!!!! GO HERE FOR DETAILS AND PRICES!!!!

COMMISSIONS SO FAR!! (not necessarily in order)
-no more than 10 slots at a time- for poetsinlove - DONE! waiting on payment for Astro-Monkey - begun for Egadaba - sketching for maccarta for Todoka for lost-my-sanity
7.designs for ultra-seven for Vergil-is-eternity - sketching
9. shoes for Coyoted
10. art for orange-head


  • Mood: Yearning
  • Listening to: the new pornographers
  • Reading: mysteries of pittsburgh
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snapnight Aug 29, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If you're still selling prints (I'm guessing yes?) I would love love love a copy of Red Balloons and Umbrellas. :D
theumbrella Aug 29, 2008  Student General Artist
always still selling me, note me with how you're planning to pay!
i will so buy the strokes cd and the white stripes (icky thump) cd off of you.

AND, idk if you have time before you leave, but if you make the cloud shoes in a size 9, i will buy those too! It's totally up to you if you want to do something other than clouds, but I am a big fan of those clouds (and your work in general), :)
theumbrella Aug 13, 2008  Student General Artist
awesome! and i can totally make you shoes, since it looks like i'll be coming back all too soon anyhow, unless some miracle happens...we'll talk...
OMG Id love to buy some stuff D8
I just have to decide on what .__.
And I can only send money in the mail....and I cant get to a mail box for a week or two(inadifferentstate) Unless my friend comes to seee me ._____. Anyway D8
theumbrella Aug 12, 2008  Student General Artist
for sure, just let me know what you want whenever, and mail is fine with me!
O: I was thinking about getting some shoes ._. Or maybe the last original stilt walker
But I have a question, do you want Canadian dollars?
theumbrella Aug 12, 2008  Student General Artist
it doesn't matter to me, i go down to the states often, so i can still use the money there if needed...and i'm always up for shoes, though the last stiltwalker may be taken at the moment, i'm waiting to hear back, but if you're still interested i could always make more!
Ok..because all I can give is US dollars ._____.
I think I'm leaning toward the shoes, I just need a tiny bit more money first....
Do you think if I gave you a song or something, you could draw what comes to mind(onshoes) ?
Because i love it when people do that~
theumbrella Aug 13, 2008  Student General Artist
coolcool, and that sounds like a great concept, i'd totally be into that!
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