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Submitted on
October 23, 2007


alright, so...we can't actually stay anywhere since we're both under 18...IS THERE ANY WAY AROUND THIS RULE?!?!?!? not being from the states, i do not know all the specifics, so maybe there's some loophole or something i'm missing that would enable us to stay in a hostel or a hotel or just ANYTHING!
please help!
anything would be greatly appreciated!


hey hey!

so i should be heading off to new york next week, probably the 1st, with the wonderful kviii for some topnotch excursions...i'm just wondering if anyone around here may have some super cool ideas of where to go, awesome spots, perhaps cheap but delicious dining places? or cheap but nice places to stay? any suggestions would be wonderful!


(oh, and i'm hoping to get some more art done before i leave, it's been a horribly long time, but there's been many disasters and some very wonderful things as well going down on this end, so i've been rather preoccupied...but stuff will be coming!)

1. CoffeeAddict-02 -- halfway
2. shadow-pippin -- halfway least until i return with my crippled bank account, begging for more...

:iconteamcl-17: <---- comic!
:iconthe-character-engine: <------------PROJECT!!!!!!!

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.....i never thought of that... i had to get a letter of permission from my parents to go to the US and europe this summer, and a Lawyer had to sign it.... it might be too late now, but you could try.... *hopes*
I haven't read the journal yet .... I just saw "Dilemma" and "New York".

If there was a problem, yo, I'll solve it.

(Now check out this beat while my DJ revolves it.)
well, there's always St. Marks or k-town or china town (though that's a dirty place...even if pearl paint is there xD)

just hang around central park, you'll see lots of interesting stuffs >_>; (once saw a mini hoola-hoop party thing)

gods and dont forget the umbrella. A wet NYC is not fun x_x;

and cheap food is in queens (who doesnt like asian?), flushing man!! xDD
:D You are coming to ny? if you have a specific date, I can probably meet you. I'm ny, and I go to school in the city. As for places to go, I read some of the suggestions you got. I mean, there are always the touristy places, like times square and blah, and you should definitely go to some of them, but I fell like it doesn't really give a real impression of the city.

1) Definitely take the subway, and get a general idea how to go about and get lost. It's dirty and disgusting, but it takes you to places so easily, I feel like you should experience it. And once you get the whole uptown and downtown thing, the subway makes sense. :D

2) Shopping wise, go to Chinatown, or canal street. Eat there for the food is cheap, and they have some amazing viet. food restaurants, and walk up broadway and shop around soho, or window shop when its really expensive. :D It's definitely worth visiting. You should visit the village too.

3) St. Marks - :X It's near NYU area and cooper union (awesome art school) and it's like a mini tokyo thing. It's kind of sketchy looking but interesting nonetheless. :D The restaurants there are pretty good. :D

4) 14th st. Union sq. Lots of good restaurants, and shops. :D And there is usually something going on in the shops. And if you want to walk to 23rd st. from there, a lot of art schools are located there. Is there any chance you can come on Halloween, they have a parade downtown and its pretty cool.

5) 34th/32nd-ish.. ?? I go there with my friends to eat korean food, and do karaoke-stuff. They have this really nice bar too that usually don't check for ids. K-town is located there, and they have some really amazing food. And it is also right around empire state building if you think of visiting. :X I would suggest Todai (japanese buffet) too. But go on a weekday for lunch or else it is way too expensive.

6) LOL.. i guess if you still have time left, you can walk around central park, and definitely go to the MET, and I personally really like the museum of natural history, and just walk around that area. It's quite nice. :D

7) and then you should come to harlem and get yourself killed. :X LOL, I'm kidding. But if you can come uptown, you should visit me in my school. :)

another way of solving the room problem... Do you have friends that go to college in ny? Just bum over their dorms or something. :T And have you looked into finding a place in Queens or Brooklyn, or even Jersey, cause the hotels there are cheaper, and you can take the subway (in Jersey's case, bus) directly to the city.
theumbrella Oct 26, 2007  Student General Artist
wow, thanks so much! unfortunately, we're unable to go due to lame age issues and time constraints, but hopefully we'll get to it in the spring, and i'll definitely keep all this in mind!
thanks again!
aww... well I hope you have a good time when you do come. :D
radioblur Oct 23, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
I thinkt hat rule might only extend to the state of New York specifically, since I myself can book a room at a hotel here in california without even showing ID. In other words: i have no suggestions.

However if you're looking for places to go definitely the Statue of Liberty. Sounds cheesy, I know, but it's really cool to see up close and in person. Also, check out the empire state building
It was so incredibly fun when we went, and we were even lucky enough to be there when lightning hit the pole! Although it soudned like a gunshot and everybody ducked and there was a bit fo panic before everybody realised it and sort of laughed it off haha. Still it was pretty cool.

Oh! and there's this bar somewhere around central park that i can't remember exactly where it was, but anyways it hasn't been dusted since Abe Lincoln went there way back in the day, and there's literally 5-6 inches of dust piled on the chandelliers. It's really cool. And there's chicken bones and stuff hangign from the lights. Really interesting place, see if you can find it or something <3
misosoupaddict Oct 23, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Have someone else pay for the room in their name, but you pay them back later? :shrug:
I have nothing to reccomend but have an incredible time. :D
theumbrella Oct 23, 2007  Student General Artist
heheheh, pretty sure that shouldn't be too difficult, thanks!
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